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STARTING YOUR OWN BUSINESS? 10 Questions to Consider Before Investing A Dime.

Are you considering starting your own business?  10 Questions to Consider When Starting a new Business

Maybe you are still employed – but very under-employed. Perhaps, you have been laid-off and are thinking about being self-employed.

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Small Business Behaving Badly. In this economy?

Yes, now. Bad stuff in this economy.  Business is struggling.clerk

Business should be about delighting customers, not discouraging them.

True story:  You go to a store. The check-out clerk is chatting away with a friend. Takes care of the person in front of you. Then you. Still talking to friend – in Spanish, by the way.

Then suddenly, “Lady!” is yelled your way. “Is this yours?”

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Struggling Small Businesses and Satisfaction

Are small business struggles getting in the way of “satisfaction?”Satisfaction from the inside out

As the Rolling Stones may have told you, when managing a struggling business “I can’t get no satisfaction!”  Bad grammar aside, on-going research has shown that satisfaction is intrinsic – not a result of something extrinsic.

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Struggling With Your Business? Coaching The Turnaround – Easy as 1-2-3.

coachingWatching grandchildren play youth sports (they are 7 and almost 9), I am reminded of the importance of positive feed-back – and how that nurtures the soul.

Young children make many mistakes as they are learning a sport. Mistakes need to be made in a “risk-free” environment so learning can take place. Good youth sport coaching is about focusing on the positive plays performed – encouraging more of the same. Children often know when they do badly and don’t need to be reminded. What they need to build upon is doing something well.

Adults are not much different. In my small business consulting practice, I have often used the “Caught Being Good” process with struggling client companies. Since I encourage “management by walking around,” these client owners/bosses walk about with crisp $5, $10 or $20 bills and would focus on catching people “being good – doing good”  (choose one denomination and use it consistently).

1  – Rewarding small behaviors instantly encourages, builds up, motivates. The word gets spread. The results are often amazing! Work areas are kept clean. Team members begin helping each other. Small details are caught. People begin working as if they “owned” the company assets. Customers, even those who are not on their best behavior, are “handled” with warmth, dignity and respect – solutions are offered – not just answers.

2 – When managing by walking around, engaging in quick conversations stimulates productivity. By showing interest in them, you show you care. Ask your team what success “looks like” to them in their job.  Ask, “What tasks do they enjoy most? Why?”  Don’t ask what they don’t like – focus on what they do enjoy. If it is a minor part of the job, you have just learned something important and maybe the next formal review, you better have a “job development plan” meeting.

3 – Compliments without cash. Compliment loudly. You want everybody to know that person did a NICE JOB! What you say very softly, so only they can hear, is corrective criticism. These confrontations must be private and personal. Yelling about poor performance is demeaning: correcting poor performance is demanded, but on a individual level  – explain exactly what you expect from them and appeal to their passion for what they enjoy about the job –what they want to achieve.

Turn-around begins at the top. Are you willing to be that leader?

Copyright ©2011 By P. Griffith Lindell

Is Your Business Struggling?

Are you asking yourself good questions? Are you working on the answers?

  1. Are you counting the costs?

  2. Are you ready, willing and able for a
    change in your lifestyle?

  3. Is your support team on board?

  4. Do you enjoy the business of business?

  5. Are you comfortable making tough
    decisions on the fly?

  6. What’s your track record of making
    stuff happen?

  7. How well do you communicate?

  8. Is this new business something about
    which you are passionate?

  9. Are you a person that gives others energy
    – a self-starter?

  10. Do you have a “partner”?

Thought about the answers?


Copyright© 2011 by P. Griffith Lindell