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STARTING YOUR OWN BUSINESS? 10 Questions to Consider Before Investing A Dime.

Are you considering starting your own business?  10 Questions to Consider When Starting a new Business

Maybe you are still employed – but very under-employed. Perhaps, you have been laid-off and are thinking about being self-employed.

Would you like a resource where you will find practical, yet tangible ways to measure if you are ready to own a business? And if you find you are not, would you like to learn a number of things to do to improve your chances of success?

This move to owning your own business is a big step.

It involves risking your savings, sometimes equity in your home and definitely changes to your lifestyle.  It can even impact your relationships. Are you ready? Are you armed for success?

I have helped many budding entrepreneurs face the realities of starting a new business. In Starting Your Own Business? 10 Questions to Consider Before Investing A Dime you’ll discover that I have been blessed with the ability to cut to the chase – the book is written with a “straight from the shoulder” approach in a way that is sobering and yet energizing. Learn if you “have what it takes” to be your own boss!

Tell your friends – they may also need to discover the “direct steps in analyzing their personal characteristics and how they apply to becoming an entrepreneur.”


P.S.   If you already have started, but are STRUGGLING,my newest book Struggling With Your Business? 10 Questions to Consider Before Investing Another Dime is just the answer. Analyze your personal characteristics, what needs to be honed; what needs to be improved? What needs to change?


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