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Selling Awareness – updated

For the sales representative (or small business owner), effective communication – getting through and getting action – drives business (nothing happens until somebody sells something!).  Open, honest communication is a two-way street that includes listening, comprehending and speaking.

One key to success lies in understanding the prospects’ communication style.  But first, it’s best if you know your own. There are many effective self-assessment tools that will help. One may be found by at my website. Find the FREE sample report and learn how you can quickly understand your communication “language.”

People like people who are just like them and can communicate in a “language” they understand.

When chatting at the beginning of the sales call, asking open-ended question about this and that, notice the pronouns they use and they are “showing up” in the conversation.

  • Are they outgoing or reserved?
  • Do they talk about tasks or people?
  • What pronouns populate their conversation?

keys to sellingIf the prospect is reserved and focuses on tasks, you know this person is interested in the data that supports what you are offering. This prospects wants to see the specifications – don’t be pushy – it’s about the data.

If the prospect is outgoing and focuses on tasks and how they affect her/him, then focus on opportunity. Get to the bottom line. Be direct. Straight forward. These people like competitive, bottom-line information.

If they prospect is outgoing but focuses on people, these folks like a warmer and friendly chat – they will want to get to know you, how you feel about, well…almost anything. This is not the time to be dogmatic about anything.

If the person is reserved and cares about people, they tend toward idealism – show tell them why your offering is the best. Assure them that your product/service will meet the needs of many in their staff.

This is but a brief overview. Want to learn more?

  • Discover your communication style.
  • Learn how to better read people.
  • Find out how to tap into strengths even in your  lest preferred communication style?
  • You will learn how to get through and get action from others?

Get a FREE SAMPLE report, today. Get your personal, on-line profile and we will get YOUR report back to you within 72 hours.


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