What Small Business Needs Now

Small business is suffering from a political culture that pontificates. Proclamations will not increase profits. Programs, run by the government, will not encourage innovation and risk-taking. Leveling the “playing field” does not reward risk.

It’s going to take more than political pronouncements to produce the kind of revenue and profits that will change the rules of the current economic game. We need practical business programs — developed, implemented and overseen by those who understand the stresses of meeting a payroll – programs that will relieve burdens caused by rules and regulations, often contradictory, never motivating.

Governmental gears of businessinvolvement may be needed, but in a far different form than more programs.  Government needs to reward innovation again. Allow profits to be reinvested into a business without ruinous tax and healthcare program burden.

Until our economic blood flows freely to the small capillaries of small business, the body of the national economy will continue to wither.


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