What Small Business Really Needs – Part 3

cashSmall business needs access to cash and customers.

Right! But it’s not just about customers and cash. There are hidden costs that must be tracked:  the costs to relationships – families. Small business consumes money, time and people.

timeIt has a big appetite. The small business “family” gets devoured by the demands and stresses particular to them, but all businesses have this in common: the uncertainty of complying with potential tax increases and more regulation continues to provide stress that reaches “inside” the business – it reaches the families involved.

Governmental program leaders must comprehend these stresses.

Government has a role:  facilitating access to capital at reasonable rates; encouraging entrepreneurship; preventing tax and license burdens from being onerous; and providing clear, consistent regulatory messages that facilitate stability for predicting costs.

But more is needed: they must provide program overhaul and streamlined processes that have been honed by the principle that less is more.  They must listen to those who have lived in the crucible of managing a business on Main Street. Then, small business will survive and thrive providing more jobs, more tax revenue and more services– all the benefits of a healthy Main Street.


P. Griffith Lindell is a veteran business consultant, coach, speaker, adjunct professor and author. His newest book is Struggling With Your Business? Ten Questions to Consider Before Investing A(nother) Dime (Amazon, 2011).


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