What Small Business Really Needs – Part 2

CustomerGetting healthy in this economy will demand small business advocates to the Congress and Administration with “hearts” that have been strengthened in the crucible that mixes

(1) the stresses of making a payroll

(2) with finding and keeping customers

(3) while blending in relief born of opportunities that generate enough revenue to continue to fund the business.

Local, state and national program leadership must come from those who have proven experience — that is, they have developed simple, practical business plans that leveraged resources, managed cash, and returned a profit.

The demands on Main Street are enormous. Business issues — inventory, capital expense, and management of cash — all must be pointed to providing something special to a dwindling group of customers. Whether I’m consulting with business people, speaking, or teaching university students, I know that delighting your current customers is a game changer.

Do you know your customers? Really know them – their needs, their wants, their desires. Better learn that quickly if you want to survive and thrive in this economy!


P. Griffith Lindell is a veteran business consultant, coach, speaker, adjunct professor and author. His newest book is Struggling With Your Business? Ten Questions to Consider Before Investing A(nother) Dime (Amazon, 2011).


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