What Small Business Really Needs – Part 1

Congress and the President need to help Main Street survive and thrive in our current economy because the lifeblood of America flows through micro and small business veins.

Lifeblood flows through small business veinsBut Main Street isn’t as healthy as Wall Street – where the flow seems to be working a bit better.

Main Street is suffering from a political culture that pontificates:  It’s going to take more than political pronouncements to produce the kind of revenue and profits that will change the rules of the current economic game.

We need practical business programs — developed, implemented and overseen by those who understand the stresses of meeting a payroll. The major arteries of governmental involvement are needed, but with less constrictions.  Until our economic blood flows freely to the small capillaries of small business, the body of the national economy will continue to wither.

Let’s be certain that the circulatory system of economic turn-around for Main Street is based on “healthy food” not “fast-food.”  Eliminate the stress of uncertainty – which constricts:  Provide a regular “heart-beat” of access to capital which will “oxygenate” the economic blood.

Do you know what restricts your business blood flow? What helps the flow?

Do you have a finger on the pulse of your business (see Dashboard Dials)?

P. Griffith Lindell is a veteran business consultant, coach, speaker, adjunct professor and author. His newest book is Struggling With Your Business? Ten Questions to Consider Before Investing A(nother) Dime (Amazon, 2011).


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