Small Business Behaving Badly. In this economy?

Yes, now. Bad stuff in this economy.  Business is struggling.clerk

Business should be about delighting customers, not discouraging them.

True story:  You go to a store. The check-out clerk is chatting away with a friend. Takes care of the person in front of you. Then you. Still talking to friend – in Spanish, by the way.

Then suddenly, “Lady!” is yelled your way. “Is this yours?”

Yep, it was. Someone, had put “The divider bar” in the wrong place. Wasn’t you. You never touched the bar.

You say, “Sorry, please ring that up and I’ll pay for it.”

And you are scolded,  “You didn’t do that right! You are supposed to put that bar at the end of your stuff. You should have been paying attention!”

Amazed, you quietly pay, vowing never to return to that store.

Customer service at its worst. Justly rewarded.


3 Responses

  1. She’s nicer than me, I wouldn’t have paid.

    Just had a very bad CS experience at a restaurant in Tacoma this weekend and the owner ended up waiving the whole table’s check (which we didn’t ask for), but with serious attitude.

    Likely won’t go back…which is a shame, as it was one of the best burgers I’ve ever had.

  2. I was at a store and was looking for a shopping cart and saw an employee stacking shelves from one. When he was finished I asked if I could have the cart and was told no…he was using it. I found the store manager and without identifying the employee let him know how dissatisfied I was. They seem not to understand what to do with customers…

  3. Go into a lot of the big box stores and you can hear crickets chirping.
    You would think given the current economy CS would be important.
    The other side of the equation is that they are making the ones they have work longer for less and have ruined their attitude.
    Visit for a book that sheds a lot of light on all of this and more.

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