Struggling With Your Business?

Tough economies force the small businessperson to evaluate carefully the potential for a return of not only the financial investment, but also the emotional and relationship investments.

Surviving may demand a shift in priorities because the normal working hours become focused on finding and keeping customers – understanding what drives the buying behavior of current customers and then increasing your marketing efforts to support that learning.

Involve your family in your discussions about your new time commitment.  Discipline your schedule. Soccer games, diaper duty, taking your wife out on a date are still important.  Don’t become a victim of the urgent.

That said, you may also have to spend more time networking in the search for expanding your customer base. Sometimes in the evening.

Evenings may now not only be devoted to new networking events, but also focused on working on the administrative and financial aspects of the business – doing the books, planning for the next day – and spending some time thinking. That’s right. Thinking about what you are learning about customers, costs and cash.

If you are willing to make a temporary lifestyle sacrifice – with your family’s collaboration, the end may be well worth the sacrifices that you and they must make.

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Copyright ©2011 by P. Griffith Lindell.  All Rights Reserved.


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  1. It is all a matter of time management. In tough economies it is forced upon the entrepreneur but in the good times it is also very important.

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