Survival. Innovation. 4 Key Questions to Consider.

You may be struggling to keep your head above water. NOW may be the time to innovate – and innovation begins with some reflection.  Get ready toInnovate write. Journal your thoughts over a 10 business days. Think about what you are observing.

1.  What roused you in the first place to start your business?
There was a need, a want, a customer desire that stimulated your interest in providing a better, different, or new business solution. Find that source. Look at it from the perspective of current experience.

2.  What was your original response?
You did something about it. Made a product. Provided a service. Built the infrastructure to support making and providing and the marketplace responded. Maybe the external environment is beyond your control – current customers love you. How do you build on that?

3. What was the former sets of results – how have they changed in character?
Something resulted because you responded. Customers were developed. Needs met. People stimulated others, for whom you provided a compelling response to begin the cycle again and again. What exactly changed over which you have some control. Write it down. Think about it – innovate.

4.  Reflection – Now ask yourself, what have you learned by just taking the time to write those responses?

  • Are your assumptions about customers, needs, wants, desires still valid?
  • Are customers driving you? Or has product and service taken over the driver’s seat?
  • What are the keys to your current foundation and how can you use this keys to build – to innovated – in your value delivery?
  • If you had it to do over, what would change knowing what you know now?

Share the insights you have gained in the COMMENT section below. Become part of the conversation.

Copyright ©2011 by P. Griffith Lindell


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