Is Your Business Struggling?

Are you asking yourself good questions? Are you working on the answers?

  1. Are you counting the costs?

  2. Are you ready, willing and able for a
    change in your lifestyle?

  3. Is your support team on board?

  4. Do you enjoy the business of business?

  5. Are you comfortable making tough
    decisions on the fly?

  6. What’s your track record of making
    stuff happen?

  7. How well do you communicate?

  8. Is this new business something about
    which you are passionate?

  9. Are you a person that gives others energy
    – a self-starter?

  10. Do you have a “partner”?

Thought about the answers?


Copyright© 2011 by P. Griffith Lindell


4 Responses

  1. Great questions! Now…where do I buy the book to hammer out the answers?

  2. Griff,

    I’ve just started a new video content production company here in Portland (sole proprietorship). I just secured my web locations on facebook, twitter & youtube.

    My strategy is to just start shooting video, editing that video and then generating an income stream based upon that content through Google adsense.

    Is this the best strategy for someone with limited resources and trying to develop a hobby into a company?


    • Joe,
      Great question and I want to refer you to – ask Jim, also. He may have some great input on Google Adsense.

      What I do notice is that in your crisp review of your business, there is no mention of your target market for these video. Who are the customers? Why do they care about see a “random” video (implied)? Is there gong to be “theme” around which your videos are shot? Is that theme “hot” with your target market?


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