Successful Micro and Small Business People Understand Purpose

You want your small business to be successful? Understand your purpose. Not just the purpose of the business – but why you are in business.

Today, we honor a man who was driven by his purpose to “love your neighbor as yourself.” That could be a legitimate reason to be in business. It was Martin Luther King, Jr.’s reason to move beyond the pulpit to the public. He made choices based on his purpose.

You want your business to survive and thrive in this economy?  You want to overcome the obstacles of less cash and fewer customers?  You want to generate not only revenue, but also profit?  You might want to begin again – at purpose. Why are you here? Why this business? Why now?

Purpose shapes us. As Harvard professor Christensen points out in his recent article in the Harvard Business Review (and edited and reprinted in the February 2011 Reader’s Digest) the struggle to find purpose should dominate our lives until it is settled in our souls. Why? All the stuff we do, if not focused on fulfilling purpose, is just “stuff we do”  and sometimes that stuff becomes expedient (to the point of living in the gray areas of ethics and laws), hurtful to others, or just plainly wrong.

You want some joy back? Find your purpose.

Copyright ©2011 by P. Griffith Lindell


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