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Struggling with Business – No Wusses Need Apply

No Wusses Need ApplyWSJ writer, Jeffrey Zaslow, asked this morning in the Personal Journal section, “Are American Wusses or Just Fond of Trash Talk?”  Good question, especially for the small, struggling business.

Running a business in a tough economy takes something more than “trash talk.” It takes the “pioneer spirit”  which is far more about action than simply talk. Sometimes, unwanted products on the shelves, that have languished there for far too long, need to join your “fire sale” inventory. Turn those products to cash. Quickly. Get rid of them. Sidewalk sale. Craig’s list. Whatever. Make the tough decision to get rid of stuff customers generally do not want and it costs you too much to carry in inventory.

Sometimes, slow-paying customers need the same tough-treatment. You are not the banker. You are the product provider. Someone else needs to be involved in your customer’s banking needs. Change your credit rules. Get cash up front. Arrange terms immediately for payment of old invoices. A little here. A little there. A bunch of “little steps” line up to getting that debt cleared. No “wussing” when collecting bad debt. No need for “trash talk” either. Action. Hitch-up those horses. Drive that wagon. Snap those whips! Get the profit-focused caravan moving.

Pioneer spirit takes a critical, objective eye about all costs – fixed and variable – that need to be justified to continue your business. Customer like clarity. Start today to be the American Pioneer in managing your business – no wusses need apply.

Copyright ©2011 by P. Griffith Lindell


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