Diversity Where It Counts

diversityThis season celebrates the birth of someone who changed the world forever. Our calendars are based on His arrival. We share gifts because the belief that He was a gift to the world. One of the focuses of that gift was His belief that, as Dr. King is expressed it concerning his four children (and us) “…that {they and we} will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

There is a dimension to character content that is often overlooked at work. The orientations each person brings to problem-solving by content of their character and the different value systems and perspectives that upon which that content is based.

Those valuing action and opportunity view problems differently than those valuing idealism and excellence. Sometimes, it’s those who value analysis and reason clash with those who value harmony and tact. Each perspective provides points-of-view valuable for holistic problem solving.

Diverse perspectives to problem-solving should be celebrated. They are gifts to the business person. Gifts that provide an understanding that may be missed by simple relying on our personal perspective.

Do you value the “gift” of each person at your workplace?

Copyright ©2010 by P. Griffith Lindell


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