Integrated Marketing #8 of 8

working togetherSo, what’s the ultimate benefit of IMC?

By seeking out input from different sources – product market­ing, sales, engineering, customer service – you can gain a clearer picture of your customers’ dilem­ma and how your product or service solves that dilemma and delivers value to your customers  – a value proposition that meets expectations and for which they are willing to pay.

As a result, your company can offer your customers solutions, not answers.

In the end, an integrated attitude integrates input, as well as out­put (your marketing communication’s campaign).  It communicates clear, consistent messages, to build a strong pres­ence in the marketplace and, most importantly, to create happy customers.

That should be music to the ears of your management, your investors – to you.


Copyright © 2010 by P. Griffith Lindell


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