Integrated Marketing # 7 of 8

metaphor for integrated marketingA Metaphor for integrated marketing

Companies employing effective communications strategies, like orchestras, speak with one voice.  Just as orchestras have particular sections that play music in ways that only they can express, so too do companies strategically use marketing communications. You don’t ask public rela­tions to do the job of direct mail. Nor do you ask your personal sales staff to play the role of adver­tising.

Each aspect of communications has a role that fits together to make a consonant whole. The score (written by the company often in the business plan) is interpreted by the maestro (the people responsible for marketing), who directs the orchestra (the functional communications tools). Consistent communication of key product and corporate mes­sages, combined with visual continuity in art design and direction, are critical factors in generating market awareness and building a strong brand image.

Modern marketers have perceptively noted that too often many companies are more like orchestras warm­ing up. Each section plays its instrument well, but the orchestra as a whole lacks a score and direc­tion, and the resulting sound is often cacophonous. Or worse, it can be annoying for someone trying to soak it all in. IMC makes music out of all the customer-centered communications pieces and so stimulates the mar­ket (made up of individual customers), which then catches the melody.

A melody caught is a melody remembered.


Copyright © 2010 by P. Griffith Lindell


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