Integrated Marketing # 6 of 8

customer solutionsIntegrate your customer pain-relief message in everything.

My last post gave an example of a theme that was carried throughout the marcom program. It launched with an advertising campaign, was reinforced in three direct mail pieces and a trade show handout, reappeared in its web site, and was then later picked up in another division’s direct mail campaign promoting a product bundled with the core product.

A small business, of course, does not have that same scope of communication tools:  but it does generally have business cards, signage, simple hand-outs, web site and maybe coupons. The same principles apply – they must support a single, simple message of customer “pain” relief.

Make it an attitude, not simply words and artwork.

But true integration goes much farther than coordinating graphical designs and key messages. Entire divisions of companies or a single micro-business can adopt an integrated attitude to implement an effective marketing program.

In previous posts about our example company, adopting that attitude would mean customers would be greeted at all levels with the idea that the company understood their dilemmas – we understand. When speaking with customers, the employees from customer service reps  to prod­uct marketing engineers would focus on the same thing: understanding and solving the customer’s problem.

The same principles apply with the small business person. Integration as a process makes everyone in the company a salesperson – discovering the customer need and offering a value-based solution.

This integration as an attitude allows employees to offer solutions, not answers, to customer needs.

Copyright © 2010 by P. Griffith Lindell


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