Integrated Marketing # 5 of 8

customer painExpress your  understanding of customer pain with a simple message.

Develop a creative strategy that is centered on a theme that is a simple expression of customer pain – and your pain relief.

Discover the customer pain:  for example, one client’s customers felt that firms did not really understand what the “minefields” that software developers faced – so the key phrase, we understand was used as a foundation supporting all their communication to the target markets.

The theme emphasized an under­standing of the issues, pressures and constraints that software developers and software develop­ment managers faced, such as unrealistic deadlines, hidden code errors, simultaneous development of multiple application versions, and transition headaches in moving to object-oriented programming.

All the marketing communication expressions then reflected the we understand theme. Everything. No communication was permitted without that phrase. And customers understood. My client understands their pain and has developed pain relief that made sense to the customer.

It all starts with understanding customer pain.


Copyright © 2010 by P. Griffith Lindell


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