Integrated Marketing # 4 of 8

Teamwork helps to better understand customersUnderstand the customer – intimately.

Understanding is a process: not an event.  The process demands collaboration between all who “touch” the customer. In a larger organization this may be sales, customer service, R&D, marketing etc. Each brings a different perspective – all of which must be unified into a common understanding of the customer pain.

This approach was taken by the software engineering division of a Fortune 500 company developing software application development tools. In creating an integrated marcom campaign, the division began with a product positioning workshop to define its customers’ dilemmas, identify the resources to address those dilemmas and fine tune the product positioning.

One of the team’s executives commented, “We began the IMC process with a workshop aimed at developing a better understanding of our customers’ dilemmas. We discovered each group – sales, product marketing, engineering, customer support – understood a different aspect of our customers’ needs. By integrating all perspectives we were able to think con­structively about how our product addressed those dilemmas. Out of all this, we developed a cre­ative strategy focused on customer need.”

The campaign achieved it desired results because they took the time to walk in “the shoes of the customer.”  So can you. We can that walk.


Copyright © 2010 by P. Griffith Lindell


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