Integrated Marketing #3 of 8

Tips on how to integrate marketingDeveloping the attitude – a simple two-stage process


As an attitude, integration involves more than the marcom department and the ad agency. IMC begins at the product management level. Whether you are providing tax preparation service, or bringing to market a technology product, this way of thinking starts at the top.


It’s an internal process where those responsible for product marketing convene with those responsible for sales, marketing and marcom to discern customer dilemmas and the arsenal of resources the customers have to solve these dilemmas. Out of this meeting should come a positioning statement identifying the target market, the current dilem­ma, the category of products that meet market needs, what is unique or specialy about your offering and what is different about your offering from competetive offerings.

By beginning at the fundamental level of understanding the customer’s dilemma, you can integrate all the marketing communications elements into a unified, well-orchestrated campaign by developing a relevant umbrella theme that can accommodate all the various marketing communications tactics.

Copyright © 2010 by P. Griffith Lindell


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  1. Spot on. Good case. I’ll be sharing a case also in future blogs.

    Thanks for adding to the conversation.


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