Integrated Marketing #2 of 8

Integrate your marketingIt’s an Attitude and it’s Customer-centric

From major companies to small, micro business, maintaining this integrated attitude is not easy. It sounds self-evident but, as anyone who has ever tried to shepherd a single ad (much less an entire marketing communications campaign) through an approval cycle, you find that unless you adopt an integrated, customer-centric attitude, you may end up coordinating functional expressions of key messages that are not consistent An customer-centered attitude is about building a truly integrated campaign, where everything you say and do visually (old media or new media) tells the same story.

In the major company, an integrated atti­tude greases the approval cycle, since product managers and upper management essentially pre-approve the campaign, and it provides a sound foundation for your entire program.

In the small business, that attitude must be part of the training for each employee and consistent in your website, your business cards, your social media campaigns and even your coupons.

Copyright © 2010 by P. Griffith Lindell


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