Integrated Marketing #1 of 8

Integrated MarketingLining up your Marketing Ducks

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) means all your company’s identity, its brand, key product and corporate messages, positioning and visual images are coordinated across all marketing communication (marcom) venues.

It means your PR materials say the same thing as your website, your Social Media pages; your advertising has the same feel as your home page. Your email signature reflects the same message.

This consistency builds a strong brand identity in the marketplace by consis­tently reinforcing all your visual images and messages, and it saves you money. Through IMC, you can leverage the design costs of deploying your web presence, developing an ad or brochure by repeating key images and icons in all your communications pieces.

Remember memorization in grade school:  the same principles apply: by repeating images and messages you ensure not only continuity in your communication’s campaign, but also your branding.

Copyright © 2010 by P. Griffith Lindell


2 Responses

  1. The average person must be subjected to the same idea, logo, brand name, etc. at least 9 times before it is imprinted on their memory. Therefore, consistency in your presentation is required,

    • I agree: I used to tell clients that about the time you get bored with your communications to the market, is about the time the market is finally really seeing your message.

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