10 Questions to Help Understand the Competitive Environment

Understanding who is “playing in your sandbox” can be important in developing customer messages that motivate people to switch from their current provider to your solution.

Switching is difficult:  people have formed habits about where they drive, walk and, shop.  Here are ten questions to be answered to get the thinking process started.

Map with pins

Pin Map

  1. Where are they located? (if your business is a brick and mortar business, include a map showing locations – put your location as the center).
  2. What competitive battles do they choose? Price battle? Location? Convenience? Quality? Time in business? etc.
  3. What claims do they make? – biggest, best, oldest, newest, cheapest, best warranty in the world, etc.
  4. With whom do they compare themselves?
  5. What don’t they talk about in their marketing communications?(what have they left out of their messaging) that could be used in your communications?
  6. What kind of impact does each competitor have in the market? – always busy? Busy only certain times? Slow? Happening place? Steady place?
  7. How many locations? What’s the “so what” of the answer to this question?
  8. How active are they in marketing communications? TV? Radio? Coupons? Local sports teams? Door hangers? Banners? Balloons? Email? Direct mail? Etc.
  9. How much impact does their sales force have in the market? (if they have sales people – how often are they out there? How powerful? How persuasive? If just counter people – how friendly? How customer-centered? How knowledgeable?
  10. How well does each competitor meet customer expectations of value? They have customer – why? What is good,  compelling and comfortable about their buying experience?

Copyright ©2010 by P. Griffith Lindell


2 Responses

  1. A very good check list. Another relevant question is “Do they engage their customers in conversation and are they listentng?”

  2. What a great ADD…thank you.

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