Product Development Pt 6 – The Right Way.

Know who is responsible for new products.

Hold them accountable. But keep  bureaucracy at bay.

Delegate responsibility, with authority to  act, and provide the resources to facilitate the process.

Top  management leads the strategy and provides the resources,  but must stay out of the way!

As Lee Iacocca used to say,  “Lead, follow, or get out of the way!” Don’t just stand there and  impede progress. Empower a product champion. Let the  champion lead the team. And give them access to top management.

Make good use of outside facilitators. Retain continuity.

Keep the team together until the project is truly finished, and the product successfully launched.

A successful launch can result in as much or more profit as shortening the development time.

So plan the launch throughout the new product development process, and let the collaborative wisdom of the team guide all the functional units as they share in the over-lapping stages of reaching the final goal- a successful new product introduction.


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