Product Development Pt 5 – The Right Methods.

In a old ad campaign, J.D. Edwards (when they existed as that)  features people carrying signs that  proclaim, “Collaborate or Die.”

Agree. Collaboration is the engine  of success. Not just communication.  Collaboration.  Where  the whole is greater than the  sum of the parts.

How does that  happen? Cross-functional teams,  even virtual teams, are key. But do  they truly collaborate, or just debate strongly-held positions based on limited,  biased and often false information?

Yes, you need a process, a multi-stage disciplined new product development game plan. But add to that a way for  creative people to share their data,  information, experiences and thinking tools, and  watch new knowledge emerge.

Take that tacit knowledge in everyone’s head, and combine it in new ways, reaching new insights, making better decisions, releasing superior new products.

And use the best strategic tools available. Analyze and  intuit. Right and left brain. Keep everyone involved but capture all the output.

Leverage early insights, knowledge and decisions all through the process, without allowing them to vanish into  thin air.

Whosh. They’re gone.

Takes work. A disciplined effort.

Get to work!


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