5 Keys to Success for the Professional Sales Rep – Pt 5 RESTATE

The Professional Sales Representative’s role is to provide a compelling solution that meets a prospect’s need.

Of course, this assumes that you have discovered:

•    a prospect’s pain
•    what they currently like best about the existing solution and solution provider
•    what they like least, and, what the ideal solution would look like.

Know these areas, you then should be able to share how the value you deliver directly addresses the need they have and how your solution offers value that is different. A difference that offers a distinction worth noting.

Restate –

A call for clarification will clear up confusion. Simply restating what you think you have understood, often will expose nuances that will be important to understanding customer need (pain) before you venture with a “trial close.”  You want to demonstrate that you have listened.

You might say something like: “So, it (looks-seems-feels or sounds) like ____ and ____ are really important to you and that you are looking for ______.”

Your choice of the words in ( ) is important as it must reflect their communication pattern and the words they chose when talking with you.

Remember: gives gain; takers loose. Your role as a professional sales rep is to give – understanding; active listening skill; solutions, not answers; and above all, yourself.

Sometimes, your solution will not currently be the best option.

Build a bridge to the time when it will.


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