5 Keys to Success for the Professional Sales Rep – Pt 4 REFLECT

The Professional Sales Representative’s role is to provide a compelling solution that meets a prospect’s need.

Of course, this assumes that you have discovered:

•    a prospect’s pain;
•    what they currently like best about the existing solution and solution provider;
•    what they like least; and, what the ideal solution would look like.

Know these areas, you then should be able to share how the value you deliver directly addresses the need they have and how your solution offers value that is different. A difference that offers a distinction worth noting.

Reflect –

Building rapport begins with a conscious effort to “be just like them” in terms of body language. If they speak quickly and vividly, so must you.

If they are reflective in their speech pattern, and you are quick and vivid, you are not “just like them” and people like people who are just like them. Understanding what drives them, and reflecting back in the wording of your questions, establishes rapport.

If “we” and “believe” are words they often use, be certain to reflect fairness, and idealism and not be ridiculing or unhelpful.  If “I” or “know” are words they often use, they will respond to opportunity, new ideas, quick pace.

If “it” and “think” are their key words, reflect an unemotional approach to data, practical thoughts, and the tradeoffs.

Reflecting what drives a prospects behavior will help develop communication pathways to solving problems.


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