5 Keys to Success for the Professional Sales Rep – Pt 3 RESPECT

The Professional Sales Representative’s role is to provide a compelling solution that meets a prospect’s need.

Of course, this assumes that you have discovered:

•    a prospect’s pain;
•    what they currently like best about the existing solution and solution provider;
•    what they like least; and, what the ideal solution would look like.

Know these areas, you then should be able to share how the value you deliver directly addresses the need they have and how your solution offers value that is different. A difference that offers a distinction worth noting.

Respect –

Often the hardest part of selling is simply showing respect for past decisions about solutions experienced.

You may hear wrong assumptions, bad premises, and inconsistent conclusions in answer to your open-ended questions.

You must respect their right to be wrong (from your perspective). You may not agree with their view of the world, but as a “sales professional,” you must respect their right to hold that view. Your goal may be to change it; but can only begin when you make the journey together.

If you take the role of teacher or expert, you may create a barrier to change that will not be overcome.



Ask questions that show respect.


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