5 Keys to Success for the Professional Sales Rep – Pt 2 ROLE

The Professional Sales Representative’s role is to provide a compelling solution that meets a prospect’s need.

Of course, this assumes that you have discovered:

•    a prospect’s pain;
•    what they currently like best about the existing solution and solution provider;
•    what they like least; and, what the ideal solution would look like.

Know these areas, you then should be able to share how the value you deliver directly addresses the need they have and how your solution offers value that is different. A difference that offers a distinction worth noting.

Role –

Understanding what metaphorical role to play comes from this research. Prospects each are on different steps in terms of acquiring information about solutions, weight alternative offerings and arriving at optimum choices.

Your task is to determine if they are looking to change and then determining the motivation behind the change. Perhaps, they are discontented. Or they are simply doing research.  Maybe they have done their homework and are comparing solutions. Perhaps, they are been hurt by promises made in the past and have fear of change.

No matter the step, your metaphorical role is different. Sometimes you are a student with them. Other times you are the doctor diagnosing the pain. Sometimes you are a therapist pulling out their fears.

Know your role.


One Response

  1. In sales learning to profile the person to whom you are making a presentation is critical to having a successful interview. Everyone has all 4 of the personality traits mentioned below. But each of us has a different percentage of each trait. Therefore, some traits are more easily identified in the person we are meeting. There is no right or wrong trait, because we all possess these traits to a greater or lesser degree. In sales you need to recognize these traits readily so you can modify your presentation to be compatible with the customer’s primary personality trait. Gaining this ability will lead to more sales and satisfied customers.

    A few of the clues to recognizing the prevalent traits in your customer or potential customer are outlined herein.
    Dominant Personality …… he/she is task orientated more than people focused. Does not make small talk .Wants you to state your purpose and ask for a decision. Will appear to have something else on his/her mind, but don’t be fooled. This person is listening to every word and analyzing your ability to fulfill the proposition you have made. Office will be sparse of memorabilia and pictures. They often move into your space while talking to you, they expect you to maintain “eye-to-eye contact.

    Expressive Personality……..Big glad hander, very friendly, exudes humor and hail person well met. Office is full of pictures, certificates and awards. Wants to know you and see if you are some he/she would like to do business with. They expect you to be very open even joke with them. They move and talk and gesture at a faster pace than other styles. They make decision quickly based on how they feel.

    Analytical Personality …….This person is very conservative in manner and dress. They want to do tasks the right way the first time. Will take 5 seconds to answer any question you present, because they are sifting through all of the relevant data in their head to give the correct answer. Office will be very neat there is a place for everything. You can do business with this person, but you must show your analytical side. They do not like to be rushed into a decision.

    Amiable Personality…..They enjoy working with others. However, they want a physical distance between themselves and others. They are team oriented. They move at a slower pace than other styles. They do not like to be pressured into a decision. They need time to think and review the effects any decision will have on them and others in their group. They have a moderate vocal tone when speaking. They are perfectionists and a people person.

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