Send me some information…

Ah, the deadly phrase…Send me some information. You know what it means:  Good-bye!

Hey!  It does not have to be that way:  this phrase could be the start, not the end of a conversation. Consider a phone exchange that may go something like this:

Prospect: “Send me some information…”

You [enthusiastic and sincere]: “Great!  What information would you like me to send you?”

Prospect: “Ahh, well, you know, your stuff about xxxxx?”

You [quietly confident]: “OK, what would you be looking for from a company like ours for {a product like _____}?”

Prospect: “this and that …and sales reps who get off the phone ….”

{it really does not matter what the prospect says – you want to listen to content, ignore editorializing and agree with making this conversation come to an end quickly…}

You:  “Thanks for that insight (OR something like:  “Boy, do I ever understand that”…) and tell me, how are you presently handling ______________[the problem that needs solved by your product]________?”

Prospect:  “We do this and that and use so and so…”

You:  “Yes, I see…describe the “ideal” ____________ for you (or the company)….”

Prospect:  “ideal stuff”

You:  “Thanks:  If you like what I send you, how do I go about getting a meeting with you?”

OR  “Thanks:  describe the ideal working relationship that would interest you in working with my company?”

OR “Thanks:  once you receive the information, where do we go from there?”

Finally:  “We really would like to develop a business relationship with your company:  how do we got about doing that?”

Remember: always ask for the business, because nothing really happens until somebody sells something.


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