The Selling Attitude

Sales is not about manipulation. It is about helping.

If your attitude is about “getting,” not “giving,” your buyers will often experience remorse.

Positive selling attitude begins with self-confidence. Confidence that what you offer really will help the person with whom you are engaged in conversation. That confidence drives you to ask good, open-ended questions and engagingly listen to the answers. It will fuel persistence to move on in the face of rejection.

People are attracted to positive personalities that enjoy life and conversation. You cannot control the prospect’s attitude: you can control yours. In the face of unhelpful, antagonistic prospects, you have an opportunity to smile and be gracious. Your attitude counts.

The best sales reps I have ever known were those who listened well and talked little. They worked at understanding the problems their customers were trying to solve. Adopting a servant-leader’s mindset, they walked in their customer’s shoes before trying to offer a solution.

If your attitude is “I got it and I’m going to manipulate the conversation, the moment and the interaction to push you into the corner of buying it” you are not selling: you are manipulating. Manipulators don’t care about the customer: sales people do.

Effective selling is fueled by an attitude of advising, helping, and providing a real solution to an understood problem.

Got the “attitude?”


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