6 Steps to Successful Target Marketing: #6 – Differentiate



I mentioned this while discussing the other “D’s” but developing a positioning strategy that sets you apart needs some thinking all by itself.

Differentiation is not simply being different; it is setting yourself apart from the competition in how well you meet customer expectation and deliver value – all within the context of gaining market share. Not every element of differentiation will help move you forward in acquiring market share and not every attribute has the same weight of importance to each target market.

Attributes of differentiation that matter to the target market are those that drive buying behavior and deliver value in a way that the customer is not only satisfied, but they are exceptionally pleased and motivated to share their relationship experience with you to others. They become evangelists for you. They believe in you. You have proven by your behavior that you fulfill your brand promise and they know that you consistently deliver the value your promise. This takes effort, leadership, and the willingness to be constantly learning from the results of each customer interaction.

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Please, share your journey of the Differentiate process by using the comment section for this blog. These questions are only thought-starters:  you may have something else to share.

Did you discover that you were differentiated – or did you discover you were “just like” the rest in the market messages you were sending?

How did that make you feel?

Did it change what you think in regard to the value you deliver?

What did you learn in the process?

What was the result (what changed)?

What advice do you have for others who need to do this?


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