6 Steps to Successful Target Marketing: #5 – Develop



Now is the time to start thinking about what you are going to say to each target market. What kind of conversations will be meaningful to the hearers?  You want to develop messages that appeal to the target market. Look at what they value:  does your offering meet the reasonable expectations of someone with those values.

Your messages must first attract their attention – now you have some data to best form that. You know what other messages are being sent to the market – make certain that yours will stand out both in visual appeal and in content.

Next, your messages must be acceptable – i.e. believable. Don’t make claims that have no real meaning (we are the best at blah blah). Of course you are, and so is everybody else. On what measure do you deliver “best?”

Testimonials are a way of establishing your believability. Research studies that you have completed are another way of establishing credibility.

Remember, the concepts of believability are based around the characteristics of the Target Market and what they value. Be certain, then, that you are speaking their language in a way they want to hear it.

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Please, share your journey of the Develop process by using the comment section for this blog. These questions are only thought-starters:  you may have something else to share.

What was the hardest part in determining the messages to which each target market would respond?

How do that process make you feel?

What did you learn in the process?

What was the result (what changed)?

What advice do you have for others who need to do this?


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