Green Your Small Business Challenge

Looking for a fresh new start or upgrade for your small business?  Staples, Inc. recently announced their partnership with to encourage small business owners to take steps toward a more sustainable office and to win the chance to get a complete green makeover.

Through an online contest located at, U.S. small business owners and others can enter the “Green Your Small Business Challenge” by submitting a 100-word essay on how and why they would make their office more sustainable. Qualifying entries must be submitted by June 4, 2010.

The grand-prize winner will win a $10,000 green makeover by Staples and their EcoEasy line of products, along with a spotlight in an online feature on themed “How to Take Your Business Green” in August.  Below are a few simple steps and product suggestions that can help anyone lead more of a sustainable life in the home or office.

  1. Save materials and important documents digitally on your computer instead of in file cabinets. The Staples Bamboo USB Flash Drive is made up of 100% renewable and biodegradable bamboo casing. If you need to print, use a printer like one from the Staples HP EcoEasy line of printers which use up to 50 percent less paper with double-sided printing.
  2. Set up computers and other energy-draining equipment (i.e. copiers, fax machines) to go on standby to reduce energy consumption and unplug equipment that is not often needed since many machines consume energy even in the “off” position.  Use ENERGY STAR-certified products, which are 50 percent more energy efficient than a standard unit.
  3. Makeover your desk with eco-conscious products next time you purchase supplies; in addition to recycled paper, you can find a wide selection of eco-conscious products from Staples such as Sustainable Earth by Staples Notebooks and Writing Pads are made from 80% sugarcane waste supplying an eco-conscious alternative for any note-taker.
  4. Use eco-conscious cleaning products when tidying up the office. Sustainable Earth®  by Staples Glass and All-Purpose Cleaners provide powerful cleaning action and minimize impacts to the environment by meeting Green Seal environmental standards for household cleaners based on its reduced toxicity, biodegradability and packaging.
  5. Whether it’s reusing old stationery as scratch paper, setting up a recycle bin for cans and water bottles, or separating boxes and newspapers, make sure materials in the office are sorted to be recycled.

Andrea Morisco
“Partners in Moving Brands Forward”


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  1. What a great way for the small business to participate in being a good steward of the environment – Thank you, Entrepreneur and Staples for conceiving and delivering this opportunity to not only help small business, but also raise awareness of practical ways to participate in our national focus of “greening” – even your small business!

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