6 Steps to Successful Target Marketing: #2 – Dissect



Begin now to analyze the customer’s dilemma or need. Here are four questions you might want to answer to help in the analysis:

~ What has driven them to your place of business?
~ What’s the driving dilemma that your offering solves?
~ Why do they need it?
~ What are the elements of value that are significant?

For the example above, after some questioning in informal groups, this client discovered that because she was female, the women who came to her thought she could better relate to their financial needs. People may use what you offer simply because of location – you are convenient.

Maybe it’s just how simple and direct your website was built that met the need for a fast response and enough information to make an “educated” decision.

Maybe it’s the warranty you offer.

Or the free support.

Or the easy-to-use instructions.

Don’t get analysis paralysis – use the data to find patterns that are meaningful the building a relationship with your customer base.

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Please, share your journey of the Dissect process by using the comment section for this blog. These questions are only thought-starters:  you may have something else to share.

What did you learn about customers when analyzing their need? Be general – not trade secrets!

What did you learn in the process?

What was the result (what changed)?

What advice do you have for others who need to do this?

Copyright ©2009 by P. Griffith Lindell


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