3 Easy Steps to Green Your Small Business

Forget the politics of “climate change” issues for a moment. Put aside the unending pontification. Forget, for a moment, the debate between the scientism that posits that humans are the cause of demonstrable climate change or the science that has demonstrated that sunspot activity undoubtedly plays the major role in climate change.

One truth that cannot be set aside is that humans are to be responsible stewards for our environment. Destructive wastefulness hurts all of us.  Small business can play a significant role with a few, beginning and simple changes:

1. Replace incandescent bulbs with ENERGY STAR qualified compact fluorescent lights CFLs – you’ll save yourself money because they last 10 times longer and cost you 75% less to operate. Also consider places where LED can replace incandescent bulbs.

2. If your small business has several rooms not always in need of light, consider motion activated lighting that, installed correctly, will turn on and off automatically. Work from home, remember what my Mother always asked:  “Did you turn off the lights?” Who would have thought that over a half century ago, that advice still is valid!

3. Learn about and practice what others have done. Link to sites like:




Many small businesses making many small changes can yield a large impact.

Are you doing your small part?



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