5 Keys to Success for the Professional Sales Rep, Pt. 1

The Professional Sales Representative’s role is to provide a compelling solution that meets a prospect’s need.

Of course, this assumes that you have discovered:

  • a prospect’s pain;
  • what they currently like best about the existing solution and solution provider;
  • what they like least, and what the ideal solution would look like.

Knowing these areas, you then should be able to share how the value you deliver directly, addresses the need they have and how your solution offers value that is different.

A difference that offers a distinction worth noting.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll look at five keys to success for the professional sales representative. I call them the Five R’s: Research, Role, Respect, Reflect, & Restate.

Research – Some of this is accomplished before you ever make your first contact with a prospect. The Internet has been a blessing to the sales rep since s/he may more easily discover published needs, attitudes, and assumptions the prospect makes.

You should get insight into the values, and what drives the way they treat their customers – both helping you in describing how your solution will help them best meet their customer needs.

The sales call is yet another step in the research process, since one of its goals is discovery – discovery of need, or pain, or problems you can solve. You are using exploratory questions – open-ended questions – to assess the current situation. You are identifying goals and objectives that the prospect expresses about generalized business environments. The sales call will help you validate their need and their decision-making criteria.

Now you are arming yourself to tackle differentiation from competitive offering and the unique value you deliver.


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